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The green gold of Sicily, the Pistacchio di Bronte produced near Catania (Sicily), has obtained the DOP certificate on June 9th 2009.

It’s among the most known and appreciated Sicilian specialties, it has peculiar characteristics, due to the territorial conditions and climate in which it’s cultivated: the pistachio trees grow in desert of lava rock coming from Volcano Etna, at an altitude that goes from 300 to 900 meters.

Cultivating pistachio is challenging and tiring!
Those trees give fruits once every two years and grow in grounds that prevent the use of machines. Pistachios are harvested by hand, one fruit at a time, trying to keep balance between the mass of black lava and the heavy bags around the person’s neck.

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Here’s the link to their website: Bronte Store

From a nutritional point of view, pistachios are fantastic! They are high in protein. They contain a lot of fat about 17 % of the recommended daily total, but of it is monounsaturated fat, a heart-healthy type that can help lower levels of bad cholesterol. They are a source of many vitamins and minerals. Really a superfood!

Aromatic as it is, this fruit is used in desserts and ice cream production and to flavor many dishes in various cuisines, even as in main dishes …

Our favorite products:

The classic pistachio pesto (pesto al pistacchio), a great pasta topping.

Here’s the link to the productPESTO AL PISTACCHIO

For the lovers of tomatoes, there’s a tomato version of pesto… Yummy! We found it to be the best… When we find it hard to decide, we have one version today and the other will be in tomorrow’s recipe for sure

Here’s the link to the productPESTO AL PISTACCHIO e POMODORINI

How fantastic would a food box holding within more than one specialty? I know it would make my day! I will give the Sicily Box as a Christmas present.

Here’s the link to the productSICILY BOX


Pistachio oil is loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants; hence, it stimulates the skin’s integrity. It repairs the skin from within, helps make the skin healthy and smooth like silk. Applied on hair, it makes it strong and shiny, prevents hair loss, while enhancing the lightness of the hair. 

The composition of Pistachio oil makes it a great anti-aging when used on the face and neck and a great ally in hair cure of which it not only stimulates the growth but also strengthens the scalp.

Here’s the link to the product: OLIO DI PISTACCHIO

The soap Bronte made with olive oil and pistachio oil has a hydrating, nutrient and revitalizing effect on all skin types.

Here’s the link to the productSAPONE OLIO OLIVA E OLIO PISTACCHIO

You’ll find wide-ranging choices on their website, of which many other products made with Sicilian raw material…

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Buon Appetito!

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