Cooking for one’s family is an act of love. To put a meal cooked with typical Italian products on the table is something a person who only chooses the best would do. Eating with family is a moment of joy that becomes really unforgettable with the right dishes.

 We are so eager to present to you the company of which we’ll be speaking today, here’s the link: Sapori dei Sassi

Online shopping for typical quality products from south Italy: Puglia, Campania, Calabria, Lucca and Sicily.

Their products are not well spread and thus less known. In particular the variety of legumes, dried meats, cheeses, wines and honey types that owe their properties to isolation, climate and non-hospitable grounds.

So, they are not only typical Italian products but also hard to obtain!

You have a wide range to choose from and the delivery service is insured in 24 hours.


The Courgette rolls (involtini di zucchine) are an invention of Masseria Mirogallo, specialised in  oil preserved veggies of high-quality. The preserves are 100% natural. The oil that they contain, could be used to flavor meat or salads as it’s enriched with vegetables flavor.

Here’s the link: INVOLTINI DI ZUCCHINE (courgette rolls)

The Friarielli are  oil preserved produced by San Nicola dei Miri, they are made with fresh friarielli  in an artisanal way, no conservatives added. Savory alone or with sausages, as the famous Campanian dish “Salsicce e Friarielli” (Friarielli and sausages)

Here’s the link: FRIARIELLI

Small red eggplant of Basilicata stuffed with olives, capers and mintpreserved in extra virgin olive oil. Delicious appetizer that contains a rare and particular type of eggplant typical of Basilicata, imported centuries ago from Ethiopia.

Here’s the link: Melanzane rosse Ripiene

Delicious preserved tomatoes, the “spaccatelle di pomodoro” handmade at the agricultural company Masseria Dauna in the province of Foggia. Compared to peeled tomatoes, they keep the external peel which makes them succulent.

Here’s il link: Spaccatelle di Pomodoro

The biological yellow tomato pasteof the agricultural company Calemone in Puglia. The company limits its phytosanitary treatments and don’t use irrigation, as a result the tomatoes are rich in flavor…A product of really high-quality!

Here’s the link: Pomodorino Giallo

A simple and exceptional able to make special even a simple tomato based pasta (di Gragnano) dish.

As our list ends, we remind you that you can add those products gift boxes!

Buon Appetito!

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