Planetary Mixer- Claritronic KM3630

In our family, preparing our own dough is a must for our daughter has a very serious food allergy which makes it hard to buy bread, pizza, cookies… as she is sensible even to a simple contamination. Hence, we make our doughs using a planetary mixer.

Our first choice was this Planetary mixer of which I’ll give you the linkClatronic modello KM3630

After putting it to the test many times, I would say that it has a good value for money. I think it’s not too noisy and all the doughs I have made were a big hit.

After preparing the dough, I let it rest for a couple of hours to bump up, re-mix it slightly by hand and it’s ready for the oven. Surely the procedure is a bit long compared to using the  bread machine of which I told about here, but when I have time on my hands this would be the method I choose, using the planetary mixer and it’s sturdy hook.

It works the dough in a way that I (with my humbly strong muscles) wouldn’t be able to do.

It includes other two attachments, the classic whisk (very useful for whipping egg whites or for fairly fluid pastry doughs):

And the “leaf” shaped flat beater useful for more delicate doughs such as the ones rich with butter, for in this case the work would be done gradually; in fact, in the early stages the mixture will be lumpy and then becomes homogenous.  Here it is:

Includes a stainless-steel bowl that holds up to 3.5kg dough, 8 speed settings (I never went past 3, it always feels going as fast as a rocket), a protective cover against splashes with a hole for refilling.


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