Extractor Juicer

In the recent years, the popularity of juicing has increased. So we could not miss on the opportunity of having a juicer at home!  

A perfect way to increase the intake of vitamin E and minerals to all the family members!

We chose the HUROM, you can find it in this link: HUROM H-AA Dark Silver.

SO easy to put together, all you have to do is cut your favorite fruits and veggies into pieces that fit through the upper slot and collect the juice on one side (the right) and the pulp and residue on the other (the left).

You will make more noise cleaning the juicer than using it, a process done in a couple of minutes with only running water and the supplied brush.

Another very good product, one that I recently bought and had time to experiment with and costs less  compared to the Hurom is a Panasonic, here’s the link to it: Panasonic MJ-L501KXE Slow Juicer. This one too is easy to use and makes perfect juice. According to me, it’s as good as the Hurom.

IN both the juicers, you can change the bowl and use a closed one to make smoothies.

Before the extractor juicer, we tried a centrifugal juicer and I can assure you that…they are not the same!


The main difference between a centrifugal and an extractor is the quality of juice that it gives you, the one prepared with a centrifugal is relatively more fluid but contains some pulp which is not appreciated by the little ones (and even me), while the juice prepared with the extractor is mixed…and SOOO good!

The mechanism of the centrifugal and extractor is obviously different:

  • the centrifugal juicer has thin blades, that rotate at a high speed to cut and dice the fruits and veggies. The centrifugal force (after which it was named) pushes the pulp between the pores of the sieve, allowing the juices to flow free. Keep in mind that the high speed (that allows to have the juice quickly) has an inconvenience, the heating the fruit and as a thus eliminating some of the nutritional and organoleptic features of the fruits and vegetables.
  • On the other hand, the extractor, also called slow juicer, works the fruit without heat, pushing the fruits and vegetables through a slowly rotating feed tube: the pulp is pushed into a filter which job is to separate the fibers from the juice. The process takes a bit more time compared to the centrifugal but you will end up having more juice because the juicing process is more efficient.

In both cases the dry pulp is sent into a opposite bucket, did you know that the centrifugal produces more pulp which can be used in some dessert recipes.

 That being said, I have no doubt that the juice extractor is the winner in my house! Certainly, the extractor costs more respect to the centrifugal but if you decide to buy a juicer go only for the best.

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